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1. Part your hair and then tease it. ”Part your hair using a rattail comb, apply Sally Hershberger’s Major Body Volumizing Style Boost at the root only, and then backcomb your entire head to create fullness,” Trygstad says.
2. Toss your hair over your left shoulder and split your hair into two sections. This sets it up to be a side braid.
3. Begin braiding. ”Start by using small sections and bringing the outside of each section inward, crossing it over to the other section and repeating,” he says. “Continue braiding until you’ve almost reached the ends.” 
4. Give your braid texture. Once you reach two inches from the ends, twist your braid once, and then run your other hand up the braid to make it more textured and deconstructed, he adds. “This way it looks imperfect and worn in.” 
5. Secure the braid. Tie the ends in one knot like you’re tying a shoelace. Once your ends have been knotted, pinch the two ends of hair together, and slide a bobby pin up into the middle of the knot to secure it. 
Tada! A sexy fishtail braid that’s perfect to wear day or night.
     by Carly Cardellino
I’m dying to try this out! I finally grew out my hair long enough to be able to pull this off. I’ll post up a pic, but honestly, I suck when it comes to braids. So wish me luck!
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